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Troubleshooting Tips

IT Support Website


1. Restart your computer, this will fix a number of issues.

2. Check to be sure all cables are plugged in securely: ethernet cables to Internet, and electric supply to back of computer and power supply.

3. Your computer account can be accessed from any computer on the school or district network. This allows you to access your network drive wherever you login.


1. Ensure that the power cord and network cable are securely plugged in.

2. Look for error lights on the printer

Ready and Alarm lights blinking:

  • Printer is out of paper or has a paper jam.  

Check paper level or open front cover and remove toner to check for a jam. There is also a door on

the back that will sometimes have jammed paper in it.

Alarm and Data lights on (not blinking):

  • Printer is out of toner. 

Ask in the front office if they have some or if it needs to be ordered. The school site is responsible for purchasing toner for school printers.

IT Support Email

Timeframe for response

Requests will be processed in the order received, but are sometimes "bundled' with other requests at the same school site. Please do not send duplicate requests.

Be sure to include the following in support requests:

1) Computer name

2) Detailed description of the problem and/or any error messages

3) When you are available (if applicable)

Please send someone out...

Did you know that our network allows the IT team to work on many of your computer issues without a drive out to your school site?  Many of the issues you report can be managed from the IT office or any school site.