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Physical Sciences


Students will get the most from these activities if they are introduced by an adult helper,  ages noted are just a recommendation.

States of Matter Solids and Liquids
(Ages 8-9)

Solid, Liquid and Gas
(Grade 5, Harcourt Lesson 3)

Changing States 
(Ages 9-10)
Gases Around Us
(Ages 9 - 10)
  Irreversible and Reversible Changes (Ages 10-11) WebQuest
(Middle School)
(Age 9-13)
Materials and Chemical Elements Sorting and Using Materials
(Ages 5 - 6)
Grouping and Changing Materials
(Ages 6 - 7)
Characteristics of Materials (Ages 7 - 8)  Interactive Periodic Table
Force Push and Pull
(Ages 5-6)
Force and Movement
(Ages 6-7)
(Ages 8-9)
Forces in Action
(Ages 10 - 11)


Your Weight on other worlds (Ages 8 - 13) Mass, Gravity and Weight (Ages 9  - 13)    
Magnets and Magnetism Magnets and Springs
(Ages 7 - 8)
Magnets and Electric Current (Ages 9 - 13)    
Light Light and Dark
(Ages 5 - 6)
 Light and Shadows
(Ages 7- 8)
How we see things
(Ages 10 - 11)
Electricity Using Electricity
(Ages 6 - 7)
Circuits and conductors
(Ages 8 - 9)
Changing Circuits
(Ages 10 - 11)
Energy, Electricity and Forces
(Ages 11 - 16)


Sound and Hearing
(Ages 5 - 6)
Changing Sounds
(Ages 9 - 10)

More Science Resources - Middle and High School